Ad Hoc Legal Advice

For some clients, solicitors’ fees can be too costly and the expense not economically worthwhile. Especially where the value of a dispute will place it on the Small Claims Track where legal costs are not normally recoverable from the opponent. I can provide ad hoc legal advice on a standard customer/supplier contract, known as a “McKenzie Friend”, whereby I will not be acting in my express capacity as a solicitor.

My fees as a McKenzie Friend are significantly lower than my fees as a solicitor. Ideal for parties acting as a Litigant In Person in disputes of relatively low value where it is not cost-effective to instruct a solicitor.  However, you will not benefit from my services being regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the benefit of a law firm’s client account facilities or professional indemnity insurance policy.  I will not be able to carry out “Reserved Activities”, such as handling client money or conducting Court or Employment Tribunal litigation.

My fees are payable in advance of commencing each new stage of an instruction. I will send bespoke Client Care Letter and Terms of Engagement and a fee quote depending on the value, nature, and complexity of the instruction.