Data Protection

Benefit from detailed knowledge of the new data protection regime under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). Now implemented in England and Wales by the Data Protection Act 2018. Ensure you are correctly implementing the necessary methods to handle and protect clients’ and customers’ sensitive personal data.

“When the original Data Protection Act came into force in the late-‘90s, most people were only just taking their first step into the online world with a free CD from the cover of a computing magazine. Hearing their computer modem dialled-up like an old sci-fi TV show.  I remember the fear I experienced the first time I gave my bank details to an online retailer. I wondered if my bank account would be cleaned out within 24-hours!

“Today, we live in a Data Economy: we do not just ‘go online’, we ‘live online’.  Recent high-profile scandals involve social media companies’ misuse of their customers’ personal data. The public’s consciousness has been raised to how others use our personal data without our knowledge. The new Data Protection Act 2018, implementing the GDPR addresses these concerns.  Businesses are being held more accountable for handling their customers’ data.

“From basic website Privacy Policies to multi-party Data Processing Agreements, I have the expertise to advise you on how to process your clients’ and customers’ sensitive personal data. Protecting you from possible claims by data subjects or regulatory action from the Information Commissioners Office ‘ICO’).”

Ed Turner

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