Specialist knowledge and guidance in non-contentious company, commercial employment and data protection. Legal expertise and expert advice on contractual, transactional and dispute resolution matters.

Years of litigation experience providing foresight into what can go astray in the realm of legal matters, and the preventative steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of disputes when things don’t go to plan. Putting the client in the best possible position from the outset.

Ed Turner

Experience in taking preventative
steps to avoid future disputes

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Outstanding legal advice and support in the Wirral region, in a wide range of fields; including litigation, data protection, dispute resolution, contracts and more. Solicitor services and council handled with care, professionalism and respect.

A commitment to the best possible outcome for clients. Click the links to find more out about each practice area and how you could benefit.

Experience in taking preventative
steps to avoid future disputes

11 years of experience

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Ed Turner

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