Dispute Resolution

Take advantage of a decade of private practice experience in civil litigation and dispute resolution in individual and commercial contexts. Expert technical knowledge and tactical insight into how best to use the law governing the litigation process, the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, as well as the best dispute-winning tactics aside from textbook law.

Advice on straightforward contentious matters such as debt recovery and breach of contract to less common disputes such as libel and defamation. Recent successes include achieving a pre-action £45,000 damages and costs settlement for a commercial client in a breach of contract dispute.

“The best way of dealing with disputes is to minimise their effects, if not avoid them altogether.    Disputes are not only a drain on time and finances; they are very costly in terms of mental and emotional stress.    While I possess the expertise to take a dispute all the way to the High Court if necessary, I also take a commercial approach to a dispute and assess whether it is worth pursuing a litigation on a financial as well as a time and effort basis.”

Ed Turner

Experience in taking preventative
steps to avoid future disputes

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