Providing representation for individual employee Claimants as well as corporate employer Respondents. From internal workplace investigations, grievance and disciplinary hearings to litigated civil proceedings in the County Court and the Regional Employment Tribunal. Benefit from expertise in contract law as well as the legislation regarding employment rights, discrimination and public interest (i.e. ‘whistleblowing’). Advice for both sides of a dispute on their legal position and conducting Court and Tribunal litigation.

Counsel for employees on the contents and implications of ‘Settlement Agreements’ that terminate their contracts of employment and compromise any and all potential claims under the employment rights legislation. Ensure outgoing employees fully understand Settlement Agreements with fixed-fee, independent legal advice.

“During my years working for others in the corporate world, I witnessed first-hand at how emotions often run high in the workplace and how disputes can arise due to clashes of temperament.   As an expert on employment law, I see my role as not only advising clients on the textbook law and procedure, but also to manage my clients’ emotions and expectations and to show them the bigger picture in order to achieve the bests possible outcome of their dispute and also minimise the potential damage to their reputation and long-term career prospects.”

Ed Turner

Experience in taking preventative
steps to avoid future disputes

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